Open-source analytics for anything with a URL.

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Get deeper HTTP request data every minute.

Track real-time performance and availability across multiple API servers to see the what, when, and how behind your system performance. So you can understand why.


Check fast, check often

Pingpong sends HTTP requests to URLs you configure as frequently as once per minute. It turns data about each request and response into JSON, then logs it to a custom destination. Your default data store is Keen IO, but it’s simple to set up another backend.


Know your vitals

Pingpong ships with Dashboards, an HTML visualization kit that lets you see and arrange your most critical response data. Built on the Keen IO analytics API, Dashboards is super-flexible and ready to be skinned, tweaked, and embedded anywhere.


Get deep application insight

    "environment": {
      "rack_env": "production",
      "region": "heroku-eu-west-1",
      "hostname": "e146005b-260b-490c-ba04-645d8",
      "location": "Ireland"
    "keen": {
      "timestamp": "2015-01-28T00:01:56.791z",
      "created_at": "2015-01-28T00:01:56.791z",
      "id": "54c82684085567a8f834d"
    "request": {
      "duration": 0.812621003,
      "sent_at": "2015-01-28 00:01:55 UTC"

Pingpong isn’t just a pretty face. It’s powerful, high-detail reporting to help you get to the root of any performance issues in your system fast. Spot errors easily and track long-running requests measured from a real client exactly 1 Internet away.


Add custom properties

"check": {
  "url": "",
  "frequency": 15,
  "name": "WebRootSSL",
  "custom": {
    "resource": "index",
    "vhost": "web",
    "lb": true,
    "ssl": true

Pingpong captures most of the data you'd want about HTTP requests and responses. To beef up or slim down your data stream, adding custom properties specific to your infrastructure is simple.


Install with a click

Pingpong is easy to install and ready for deployment to one or more Heroku regions. You can even deploy the app with a single click with this handy button:

Don't run Heroku? That's cool. You can run Pingpong on any computer with Ruby, even your local machine. Either way, it's up and running in less than five minutes.


Get instant notifications

When you go down, you need to know now. That’s why Pingpong is integrated with Pushpop, a clean-cut scheduling and reporting framework also built by Keen IO. With it, you can set custom parameters to know exactly when anything is down, up, fast, slow, and more.

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Built to answer our own questions.

Pingpong was developed in-house at Keen IO to answer a few simple, but important, questions about our web and API infrastructure. You might be curious about these things, too:

Pingpong runs all day, every day from multiple data centers around the world. It helps our team understand real-time performance and study long-term trends. To date, Ping Pong has run over 20 million checks in production.

Do you use Pingpong and Keen IO? Email and we’ll hook you up with higher limits, just to say thanks.

Pingpong is open source and licensed under MIT.